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La Femme à Marier et Cie.

Who is La Femme à Marier et Cie. ?

Here we are, Alexandra and Gabriela, two sisters from Outaouais who share a passion for good food. 

Ecological kitchen

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible and we want to inspire our customers and our team to protect our planet a little more every day. Discover our commitments to sustainable development on our platforms. We are open to all your ideas!

We have implemented a reusable container program to limit the use of single-use materials.

In addition, we actively compost in our kitchen and limit waste as much as possible. Our containers are oven and microwave safe and the majority are 100% reusable. A few are compostable or made from recycled materials. 

We have adopted a deposit system to raise awareness among our customers. 

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